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Yambaos take California!

Few months has gone since our trip to California and can't help but look back at how amazing, at the same time tiring our trip has been.

The boys, Ice and Nathan definitely had a blast!! it was Ice's first time to the US and he really was looking forward to this trip! While Nathan kept youtube-ing places to see and a few on his list was to go to Target and Walmart hoping to see the famous Yodeling Kid he found on YouTube. He was also looking forward to eat some Eggos made famous by Eleven on Stranger Things. How funny the things this little boy has his interests in.

Okay lets's get down to it....First order of business, every parent's greatest fear___ A 12-hour plane trip for Nala (cue GOOSEBUMPS and horror like sound effects). Vj and I had everything set up, we made sure we have everything she'll need in her bag.

MOMMA TIP ALERT when flying:

Toys and teethers for when she gets bored, I also stocked up on her favorite biscuits coz she likes munching on them and it keeps her busy, calm and quiet. I also chose a flight that leaves at night so she can sleep through it. With all those mentioned thinking we have everything covered before this long haul flight with an infant, I may say that it was a.... success!!!

Nala slept through the entire flight and woke up in the last 2 hours of the flight. whew!!! So lucky to have such an easy baby, even our seatmates wondered how it was possible that she didn't cry... not even once during the entire flight. Whew!

Second order of business... Car seat. A very strict law mandated by the US government. Its a good thing we started her early on riding the carseat since she was an infant but that does not mean that she wouldn't cry especially when she sees me. So another MOMMA TIP: Biscuits!! I put her in her carseat and I give her her favorite biscuit to munch on, the moving car will do the job of lulling her to sleep. Also, its very important that she is well fed before a car ride. So that she won't have to feed while in the car. All these things together still does not guarantee that your baby won't cry and wants to be held but just keep in mind... SAFETY FIRST.

The weather was both cool and sunny in LA which was okay, brought a few sweatshirts and cardigans for the little one. But when we got to San Francisco, it was rainy and colder, good thing I was able to buy her a raincoat/windbreaker at Target and since its almost summer in LA, there is hardly any winter clothes and jackets for sale. So another MOMMA TIP: always check the weather! Saving you time and money so you won't have to buy unnecessary stuff just because you did not pack them.

Nala slept almost the entire afternoon especially the first few days because of jetlag, but just like any other baby, they usually take naps every 2-3 hours.

So from LA we drove to SF the following day and spent three days there then drove back to LA again for the weekend. Drove again to Vegas and spent about a week there with VJ's dad and friends, went to see the Red Rock Mountain which was the highlight of our trip for the kids, they didn't really appreciate vegas since most of the places there are for adults only. And then back to LA again for another week to wrap up our trip.

The only theme park we went to was Universal Studios Hollywood. Nathan wanted to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and of course the thrilling rides and studio tours.

We made sure we brought---

(MOMMA TIP:) Nala's Joie Pact Lite Foldable stroller and I-Angel hipseat carrier. Nala's travelling essentials for long walks with us. :)

We had an amazing 20-day trip and the boys loved it! We balanced out our days making sure we would have enough rest in between so our little girl won't get so tired. The boys had a grand time which was our goal because this trip was more so for them than it was for us.

I'll let our photos do the rest of the talking. Ciao!


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