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  • By Mommy Camille

Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

Summer has officially began for the Yambaos!! :) Spent the weekend at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore and we had a blast! It was Nala's first plane ride and we are so glad it went smoothly as what we have prayed for.

Tips on how to pack and travel with a baby will be saved later on in another blog.

For now I want to share our awesome experience at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore.

We checked-in at the Festive Hotel Family Room, a king size bed for VJ and I, a crib for Nala, a sofa bed for Nathan and a bunk bed for Ice. Our room was perfect for the size of our family.

On our first day, we went to visit the Maritime Experiential Museum where the boys, including us learned about the 4 amazing explorers of the sea. It was both fun and educational for us all.

Afterwards we went to the S.E.A. Aquarium where we got to see huge sharks and the amazing life underwater. Our boys were so amazed by what we saw and we took our time watching the aquamarine life. There were seahorses, jelly fish and so much more to see.

On our second day, the most awaited part... Universal Studios Singapore!

Universal Studios Singapore




The boys were so excited to try al the rides and see the attractions waiting for us at the park. Trollstopia was super fun!!! :) For those of you already on your Easter holidays or planning for your vacation with your family for the upcoming school break, you might want to check out Trollstopia at Universal Studios Singapore. The event is happening from now till 29 April and they have so many activities perfect for the young and young at heart (e.g. shows featuring your favourite Trolls, Poppy and Branch! Join Guy Diamond in a glitter-rama experience, immerse yourself in all new one-of-a-kind Trolls VR games, and many more Trolls harmonies!) There, we got to meet Poppy and Branch and watched them sing and dance. I think that was Nala's favorite part. ☺





As for the boys, Nathan and Ice, they tirelessly got on every ride as much as their time permit and I guess it was so worth it after all. We got to try Enchanted Airways at Far, far away, Puss in Boots Giant Journey, our favorite the Mummy Ride which we rode twice!:), Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure, Transformers The Ride 3D and Battlestar Galactica.

On our last day our only free time was during the morning before we head back to Manila. The boys tried the Luge and had a grand time.

Three days are not enough to explore Resorts World Sentosa alone, there are still so much to see and experience like the Adventure Cove Waterpark and so much more.

Maybe next time when we come back :)

We had an amazing weekend at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore, though it was tiring because walking around carrying a 9-kilo baby could be physically challenging but seeing the happy faces of our boys made everything worth it. This trip is definitely one for books, its our family's first out of the country travel experience and the memories we made will definitely leave a mark in our hearts.

We hope to travel more often with our kids while they are still young so we get to experience different culture and meet different people with them. Rather than material things, Vj and I think its the best gift we can ever give them, quality time and the experiences they will never forget.

I highly suggest for you to click this link for more information about Resorts World Sentosa ☺


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