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The Arrival of our Princess

It's been two months after giving birth to our most awaited baby girl. My family and I have adjusted to our new "normal", I am now accustomed to my new erratic sleeping pattern every night that 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep is a reason to celebrate over. Sharing with you the first few months with our little princess.

Nala came out into this world via c-section, I was hoping and praying for a normal delivery just how I had Nathan but it seems like God has other plans. My sugar was a tad higher that normal and my doctor wanted to monitor it. I was admitted Thursday, September 21 just for monitoring. The next day, my OB had me examined by another OB Sonographer to double check her findings. Nala is bigger than her age, her torso/stomach is  the size of 40 weeks old while I'm only on my 37th week of pregnancy. My OB didn't want to take risks so we decided to deliver her on Friday, September 22. 

Vj was there to witness it all, he was even the one to cut the cord. The whole thing was surreal. I could hear everything with my eyes closed trying to fight off sleep. When I heard the doctor yell "baby is out! baby is out!" and heard Nala's cry, everything I have prayed hard for, all my worries and fears have diminished. Our pediatrician Doc Liza was there to catch and examine our baby girl. Vj was running back and forth checking on me and Nala while documenting everything. I could never forget how my husband was beaming with joy during the arrival of our princess. :)

Week 1 is the most challenging, staying home all day tending to Nala's needs, at the same time, slowly recovering from my c-section. The daily routine of staying at home was entirely new to me, since I have been working almost all my life, I quite had a hard time adjusting to the fact that I am not allowed to leave the house for at least a month. Oh my, it felt like being on house arrest. The baby blues kicked in as soon as I got home from the hospital, I was extra sensitive towards other people especially my husband and I felt like weeping everytime Nala would latch on me. Playing my favorite worship songs really helped a lot, also reminding myself that these emotions are fueled by my crazy hormones due to giving birth. I also spoke to my husband about how and what I was feeling so he knows how to deal with me and my incoherent mood swings. :) 

I realized how much out of control a mother can be of her emotions, how unsteady and unstable one can become while juggling everything all at once. The sleepless nights, the pains of breastfeeding, baby blues, recovering from c-section.. ALL THIS HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME. Not to mention being a wife and a mom to Nathan, somehow my relationship with my husband took a huge turn, our nightly Netflix dates turned into breastfeeding and changing nappies, falling asleep mid-conversation and almost not being able to talk anymore. Most of my time was spent taking care of Nala, I'm so blessed Kuya Nathan is very understanding and is starting to be independent as well not needing much of my attention, it was really a week of adjustments. Its like everything changed in a blink of an eye. All of a sudden we didn't have time for ourselves, everything revolves around our baby girl. 

Week 2 is so much better, Vj and I somehow got our groove being on zombie mode at night. Vj is really very hands on when it comes to taking care of Nala especially during wee hours, I feed and he burps. He also does everything for Nathan. We were all getting our groove back plus one and everything really started to settle in. 

2 months now and we are steadily rolling with having an addition to our growing family. Nala is such a good girl and would only cry whenever she gets hungry. I also went back to taping Mars last week and it was good! I missed everyone on the set especially my Mars Suzi. Pumping milk in between episodes have replaced my chika time in between. I am happy to be exclusively feeding Nala with my breastmilk and I hope I continue to do so for as long as I could even though I'm working. Every ounce of milk is something to be thankful for! Didn't realize breastfeeding could be challenging and I salute all moms who exclusively breastfeed their babies. A big shoutout to working moms like me who choose to breastfeed their bebes! Whew! breastfeeding has taught me to be (more)selfless, not that that lesson has been offered to me ages ago, the moment I became a mom, everything is all about my kids and my husband. But breastfeeding brought being selfless to a whole new level, its being at your baby's beck and call whenever she needs you. You literally drop everything the moment you hear her wail. Showers now cut short to 2 minutes tops and everything you plan to do should be squeezed in between her 2 hour interval of feeding time. That includes using the toilet, working out and writing this blog. :)

Sharing with you all this video :)

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