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Love and loved

Last October, before the fiance left for the States, we haphazardly talked about having a photo sesh since he was going to be gone for a year and we weren't quite sure when we can actually shoot our prenup. With so little time, we got our friends and family get on the bandwagon and proceed with our random idea. We are so lucky we have a handful of creative friends within reach who willingly agreed to help us out with our little project.

First was where the shoot will take place, I guess this is a no-brainer for us all, the shoot was held at Nayomi Sanctuary Resort, our great escape every weekend.

Our photographers were my dear brother John who has just got into the whole photography thing as a hobby and our dear friend and my Kumpare Jay Contreras who has an eye and immense talent at capturing reality into stills. It was both their first time to do a shoot like this and they were giddy with excitement to try something new, although they were quite unsure if its going to come out the way we wanted it to, nevertheless, the whole idea was just to shoot as candidly as possible and capture all the love and cheesiness going on.

My dear friend Kat Corpus who is an amazing fashion designer made some dresses for me to use during the shoot. Patty Yap, celebrity fashion stylist/amazing friend also helped out with putting together all of VJ's clothes.

My dear bessy Rick Calderon did my make up exactly how I like it and Eddiemar Cablites took care of my hair.

Everything was already set when I realized that we needed a prenup stylist, I grabbed my phone and started searching on Instagram. I came across the page of @tippingpointcollective and I liked how they do styling, simple with a touch of eccentricity without overdoing it. I decided to contact them and that's when I met Mithi Lacaba of Tippingpoint Collective, told her about our little project and she immediately said yes to styling for us.

So here! I am very excited and proud to show you our photo shoot session!! :)

Thank you dear friends for helping us out and building memories with us. Grateful to have you guys in our lives. :)

Much love,

Vj & Camille



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