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#JaFun Part 2

It took a whole lot time of time before I was able to put this video together.

Our long overdue part 2 is finally up!

Editing this video brought me back to the time when we were both lost in Japan and loved every minute of it. Our aching feet didn't stop us from exploring Osaka and Tokyo, not to mention the scorching heat that greeted us when we got there.That part was entirely my fault, I was too excited to book our trip I forgot the check the weather. :/

Throwing in a little trivia about my fiancé, sunny weather is his least favorite because he easily sweats and it makes him feel uncomfortable but he willingly bore the heat with me and decided to make the most out of our little getaway.

This trip was extra meaningful for us because we got engaged a few weeks back prior to leaving for Japan.

Sharing with you all our JaFun Part 2!

P.s. hopefully next time we go back we get to see the cherry blossoms with our jackets on and Nathan in tow. :)

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