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God's everyday miracles

It's been 2 months and 2 weeks since that fateful day when I heard the news I have been dreading the most. One of my best friends whom I have known for more than half my life was shot on the face, a victim of a senseless act of violence. That phone call was the scariest phone call of my life.

I thank God everyday the He never allowed me to spend another day without Kate, that He gave us another chance to still always be there for each other for as long as life permits. Knowing her for as far I can remember, I don't know what I would do in life without her. She is my first call, the other half of my backbone and I seriously would be paralyzed without her in my life, everyday I'm thankful that she is saved.

Yesterday she underwent facial reconstructive surgery. And by the grace of God, everything went well and she is recovering alright.

Cheers to life and second chances. Her survival is a living proof of God's everyday miracles in our lives. Get well soon Bessiepie, you're so ready to conquer BAR. :) you are a blessing to all of us.

Cradle to grave.


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