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How to protect your kids in their "big kid firsts"?

Nathan and I got invited to attend the media launch of Safeguard Body wash at the Exploreum in Mall of Asia last Wednesday. It was both our first time seeing the indoor science museum and we were both giddy and excited about what Safeguard has in store for all the Dads, Moms and their kids. We went around the entire place and Nathan was so amazed by the things he learned about Science, (our favorite was the Whisper Dish :)) He made sure he was able to try everything and he really had tons of fun and made new friends with the other kids. It was also a wonderful time to catch up with fellow mommies who also graced the event, Jan Marini Alano-Pizzaras, Say Alonzo, Delamar and Cooper, Mikaela Martinez with Tyler and Baby Maxen and a lot more.

My Mars Suzi Abrera hosted the event and we found out that Safeguard came out with a new product aside from the soap bars we all grew up knowing and using. Yup, I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with those bars of soap and the familiar clean scent it gives off. They now have Safeguard Pure White Body Wash.

I’m quite positive that if not all, most moms would agree with me on this, our greatest worry is the safety and protection of our kids, it is one thing [that] scares us the most. We moms always carry a bag that has all the necessities we need to keep our kids protected from all kinds of bacteria, hand sanitizers do come in handy. We also bring extra clothes and towels to make sure their sweaty shirt doesn’t dry on their back after playing. Our greatest nightmare is when our kids get hurt or sick. And we will do everything in our power to prevent this from happening.

But in reality, we can’t be with our kids 24/7, especially when they are spending longer hours at school, engaging into sports, and other things. We don’t always get to check if the wash their hands before eating (Oh I really hope Nathan does), or even use their extra shirt when they’re all sweaty from playing.

What we parents need is a partner. A partner who can protect and shield our kids from getting sick or infected, a partner that can shield them from harmful bacteria and prevent it from penetrating their skin and infecting them with unwanted sickness, a partner who will do the job for us when we parents are not around. Not only do we arm our kids with multivitamins to take care of their inner health, we also need to make sure they are protected from germs. And this starts in the shower! Safeguard Body Wash is also dermatologically tested and gentle on the skin of our not-so-little ones who are very active in and out of our homes. I'm happy to know that this brand I grew up using now comes in a Body Wash. Nathan tried it as soon as we got home and it still smells the same clean familiar scent wegrew up knowing. As a mom, it somehow gives me some peace of mind knowing that my Nathan is using a product that keeps him protected wherever he goes and whatever he does.

For more info check out their website:

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